Article - Bachelor Degree Job Options:

Getting Ready
College and Career Preparation (CCP) Upgrading courses are useful for all careers. The basic skills of English and mathematics are relevant to many jobs.
English as a Second Language (ESL) ESL courses are useful for all careers. The basic skills of written and spoken English are relevant to many jobs.

General Studies
General Studies diploma Those careers requiring “a college diploma” may be open to students with General Studies. These include many government or business service positions.
Bachelor of General Studies degree Those careers requiring “a bachelor’s degree” may be open to students with a B.G.S. This includes many government or business service positions. The B.G.S. can be done with a “thematic option” that may open doors to specific careers.

General Arts
Courses taken as a “General Arts” student may help in gaining employment. For example, an accounting course may open doors to working in a business office.
Associate of Arts degree
Those jobs requiring “a college diploma” may be open to students with the 2-year Associate of Arts Degree. These include government or business service positions.
Theater diploma
Entry-level positions are typically available in community theater as actors, stage hands, production assistants, etc. Many diploma graduates go on to further study in art. Others find work in art galleries and studios, or pursue freelance art careers. Jobs may also be found in the areas of photography, printing, design, publishing, or film-making.
Visual Arts diploma
Graduates may find entry-level positions in the following areas: apparel manufacturing, pattern development, CAD applications for apparel (pattern digitizing; grading; marker making), couture design and construction, theater costume design, textile design and production, fashion coordination, marketing and sales, and home-based business.
Fashion Design diploma
The fashion industry involves a wide variety of exciting and diversified career opportunities in the areas of design, production, and sales. Diploma students are prepared for entry-level positions in the following areas: 

Ready-to-wear manufacturing
Couture design and construction
Theater costume design
Textile design and production
Fashion coordination
Marketing and sales
Bachelor of Arts degree

B.A. degrees open doors to thousands of careers, not to short lists of specific careers. To prepare for one or more of these directions, the choice of one’s major, as well as the choice of elective courses, is important.

Good careers following B.A. degrees are best found when graduates have done paid or volunteer work in their areas of interest. Simply completing the courses for a B.A. degree does not guarantee a job.

Many arts graduates pursue further studies in professional fields such as teaching, law, medicine, dentistry, forensics, journalism, counseling, social work, architecture, speech pathology, business administration, international relations, library and information science, physical or occupational therapy, community and regional planning, public health and others.

Other degree graduates proceed on to do a master’s or doctorate degree in the field in which they did their bachelor’s degree. These advanced degrees lead to careers as professors or researchers.

For those degree graduates who wish to find work following a bachelor’s degree, sample job titles for each major would include the following:

English major: journalist, technical writer, editor, public relations specialist, communications manager, bookseller, web page writer/designer, advertising specialist, grant writer, newsletter editor, publications researcher, author, freelance writer, reporter, journalist.

Geography major: environmental auditor, researcher, public policy analyst, planning assistant, GIS specialist, conservation or parks worker, economic development assistant, remote sensing analyst, tour guide, tour guide, map curator, community development worker, alternative energy researcher, conservation education coordinator, hydrologist.

History major: historical projects coordinator, archivist, historic site information officer, museum worker, antique dealer, historical research assistant, genealogical assistant, educational program director (museum, historic site), history writer (books, newsletters, Internet sites), biographer, historical society worker, researcher, information manager, non-profit society or advocacy worker, political aide, curator, journalist, heritage interpreter.

Mathematics major (BA): economic development assistant, actuary, bank account officer, management trainee, financial investment assistant, statistical assistant or researcher, insurance industry analyst, economist, researcher, operations research analyst, cost estimator.

Psychology major: human resources assistant, market researcher, peer support facilitator, community and social service worker, outreach worker, life skills program facilitator, advisor, victims services worker, volunteer service coordinator, consumer trends researcher, marketing analyst, rehabilitation services assistant, international student advisor, customer service representative, advertising assistant, , hospice coordinator, public opinion surveyor, public relations assistant, statistician assistant.

Sociology/Anthropology major: aging specialist, community service agency worker, compensation/benefits worker, political aide, consumer advocate, consumer survey advisor, convention organizer, data analyst, family guidance clinic worker, field archaeologist, foster care worker, fund-raiser/development officer, human resources assistant, job analyst, labor relations representative, volunteer coordinator, marketing researcher, museum technician, park interpreter, adventure programs coordinator, multicultural worker, historic site or parks interpreter, museum or gallery assistant.
Adult Education degree
This degree program is a mid-career development program for people who have established a field of practice as an adult educator.
TESL certificate
Graduates often secure positions teaching English as a second or other language, both in Canada and overseas.
Language Proficiency certificate May assist students seeking to work in multi-lingual settings in government or business.

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice diploma This program prepares students for front-line/entry-level jobs in the criminal justice field. Graduates often go on to pursue careers as police officers, correctional officers, youth workers, immigration officers, bylaw enforcement officers, customs inspectors, community service order officers, and sheriff’s officers.
Criminal Justice degree
This program will be of interest to students seeking careers in the areas of criminal investigation, national security, evaluation research, crime prevention, offender case management (including probation and parole), and criminal law.
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Research, policy making and administrative positions in criminal justice and law enforcement fields.

General Science Courses taken as a “General Science” student may help in gaining employment. For example, a biology course may open doors to working in the food preparation industry.
Associate of Science degree This degree can be requested by General Science or BSc students who take the appropriate courses. It is not a career-entry degree, but rather a recognition for finishing one-half of a BSc degree. Those jobs requiring “a college diploma” may be open to students with the 2-year Associate of Science Degree. These include government or business service positions.
Bachelor of Science degree

For those degree graduates who wish to find work following a bachelor’s degree only, sample job titles for each major would include the following:

Biology major: wildlife resources worker, water quality technician, test and inspection technician, technical writer, state parks & recreation, science writer/illustrator/film maker, science laboratory assistant, mortician, medical illustrator, market research analyst, marine tourist worker, marine fisheries/worker, horticulturist, fish hatchery technician, environmental protection worker, environmental health specialist, brewery laboratory assistant, bio-technologist, aquarium technician, aquarium & museum worker, agronomist.

Chemistry major: agricultural scientist, occupational safety assistant, assayer, environmental health worker, perfumer, chemical or pharmaceutical sales representative, brewer lab assistant, product tester, quality assurance worker, system analyst, wastewater treatment chemist, industrial/institutional buyer, lawyer, product development assistant, report writer, specification writer, water scientist.

Mathematics major (BSc): software developer, management information systems assistant, technical equipment marketing analyst, pricing analyst, project management assistant, systems consultant, logistics planner.

Physics major: industrial scientist, computer design assistant, field representative, research worker/assistant (on optical devices, nuclear power, oil/mineral exploration equipment, scientific equipment, planetary exploration), technical or science writer, computer hardware or software worker, technical salesperson, systems analyst, quality control assistant.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree New graduates may work in acute care, long term care or community agencies.
Practical Nursing certificate This program prepares students to become Practical Nurses.
Certified Dental Assistant certificate This program prepares students to become Dental Assistants.
Home Support/Resident Care Attendant certificate Graduates are qualified to work in any level of institutionalized or home care service, including adult daycare, assisted living, intermediate care, extended care, and home support.
Community Pharmacy Technician certificate This program prepares students to become Community Pharmacy Technicians.
Medical Imaging Clinical Support Worker certificate This program prepares students to become Medical Imaging Clinical Support Workers.
Medical Office Assistant certificate This program prepares students to become Medical Office Assistants.
Dental Office Receptionist certificate This program prepares students to become Dental Office Receptionists.
Nursing Unit Clerk certificate This program prepares students to become Nursing Unit Clerks.

Kinesiology and Physical Education
Bachelor of Kinesiology degree Graduates with bachelors degrees may work in the fields of occupational/workplace health, ergonomics, personal training, exercise therapy, work conditioning, fitness consultation/evaluation, health and fitness equipment sales and service, and positions with organized sports agencies, community recreation centers, seniors center or sport clubs. With further education, careers may include professional areas such as K-12 teaching, medicine, occupational or physical therapy, or research and teaching at the university level.
Fitness and Exercise Management certificate Certificate graduates may work as personal trainers, or as assistants in a health club or fitness center .
Adventure Tourism Training certificate Graduates are prepared to secure entry-level employment within a wide range of adventure tourism venues.

Early Childhood Education, & Child and Youth Care
Bachelor of Arts in Child and Youth Care degree Careers cross a range of work settings and areas of practice, including residential/group home programs, regular and alternative school programs, day care and early childhood programs, child life/hospital-based programs, youth justice/probation/young offender programs, special needs foster care, parent/counselor resources, programs for people with mental disabilities, and early intervention and child development center .
ECE certificate Graduates are prepared to pursue work as daycare workers or preschool teachers.
ECE diploma Graduates are prepared to pursue a career as an early childhood assistant, daycare or preschool supervisor, child care worker, elementary school teacher aide, parent and adult educator, respite care provider, infant development assistant, speech therapy assistant, infant/toddler supervisor, or special needs supervisor. Graduates find work in day cares, parent co-operative preschools, nursery schools, special needs center , public school system, and infant/toddler center .
Family Child Care certificate This program provides training for family child care providers as well as nannies and parent aides.
Speech and Language Assistant diploma Graduates may be employed as assistants in a variety of settings such as elementary schools, preschools, day cares, child development center , clinics, hospitals, residential homes, or public health units.

Social Work and Human Services
Social Services diploma Diploma graduates can work at the para-professional level in the social services field.
Social Services diploma – First Nations Option Working from a Stó:lō  perspective, graduates of the First Nations option will work with individuals and groups on issues of concern to aboriginal communities, including child and sexual abuse, substance abuse, family violence, wellness issues, and economic development.
Community Support Worker certificate Graduates are prepared for employment in community support roles, such as group homes for people with mental and/or physical disabilities, and in various special education settings.
Substance Abuse Counseling certificate Designed as a post-graduate program for people who hold certificates, diplomas, or degrees in related fields (chemical dependency, human services, social work, education, corrections, health care, etc.), this certificate will help practitioners work with clients with substance abuse issues.
Substance Abuse Counseling diploma Graduates may work with people who are seeking help for their addiction. Work may be found in a variety of government or community agencies. Typical job titles include substance abuse worker or addictions counselor.
Bachelor of Social Work degree The BSW degree prepares students for generalist social work practice in cross-cultural environments. Graduates are prepared to assist individuals, families, groups, and communities to enhance personal, family, and community life as well as to promote social change. (A Child Welfare Specialization option is available.)

Agriculture Technology diploma

Two options:
Horticulture Crop Production
Livestock Production

Graduates of the one-year Horticulture Crop Production certificate program will be qualified to seek work as competent assistants in field crop production, in government, as technicians, in greenhouses, nursery greenhouses, garden center , landscape companies and in grounds maintenance. Some graduates start their own businesses.

Graduates of the Livestock Production certificate program have found employment as dairy farm managers or owner/operators, dairy herds people, artificial insemination specialists, ranch hands, sale representatives for livestock-related supplies, government livestock and forage technicians, swineherd production assistants, and poultry producers.

Integrated Pest Management certificate People with IPM training are needed by the horticulture industry to identify and assess pest problems, and help to recommend and help to implement management programs. Graduates may find work as IPM field scouts in nurseries, greenhouses, or for field crop and/or orchard operations. Graduates may work directly for growers, for IPM consulting firms, or as technicians in various government research programs.
Milker Training certificate Milkers ensure sanitation of all milking equipment and cleanliness in the milking parlors. A milker’s duties also often include feeding, care of young stock, barn cleaning and maintenance, record keeping, and machine operation. Work is often divided into a morning and evening shift; sometimes a milker lives on the employer's farm. The Milker Training program prepares trainees for this type of employment.
Floral Design certificate Graduates are prepared to seek employment in the floral design industry.

Business Administration
Applied Business Technology

Two options: Word Processing and Bookkeeping
Office assistant, administrative assistant, executive assistant, bookkeeping assistant, desktop publishing assistant, receptionist.
Bookkeeping for Small Business certificate
Graduates are prepared to handle the books for small and home-based businesses.
Legal Administrative Assistant certificate
This advanced program is intended for experienced office workers who wish to upgrade. Graduates will be able to apply their familiarity of legal vocabulary and ability to perform legal secretarial duties and procedures in all specialty areas.
Graduates often find work as administrative assistants, or as entry-level managers.
Marketing and Sales certificate Graduates often find work as sales representatives or sales associates.
Accounting certificate Graduates often find entry-level accounting positions.
Business Administration diploma

The diploma prepares graduates for entry-level positions in management, human resources, sales, marketing, purchasing, public relations, customer relations, accounting, operations management, and business research and planning.

Bachelor of Business Administration degree

The degree prepares graduates for positions of greater responsibility in the business areas named above.

Concentrations available:
* Accounting
* Financial Management
* Marketing
* Human Resource and 
Organization Studies
* Operations Management/ Information Systems

Library and Information Technology
Library and Information Technology diploma

(Three options: Library, Information Technology, and Records Management)
Diploma graduates are usually termed “paraprofessionals” and generally work as library technicians under the direction of a librarian or an information specialist. Library technicians are qualified to supervise the work of clerical workers and other library technicians.

One-year Aviation diploma Graduates often carry on to become seasoned commercial pilots or flight instructors.
Two-year Aviation diploma Graduates often carry on to become seasoned commercial pilots or flight instructors.
Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation degree Graduates often carry on to become seasoned commercial pilots or flight instructors.

Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems certificate Graduates are currently employed in a number of sectors, including software development companies, government organizations, credit unions and banks, and small and large businesses. Typical work involves one or more of installing systems or software, training users, troubleshooting, managing networks, providing customer support. Some graduates work in sales of equipment or computing services. Graduates with a CIS certificate will typically find entry-level positions in these areas.
Computer Information Systems diploma Diploma graduates will be able to move beyond entry-level positions in the above areas.
Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree Degree graduates will find work as noted above, but with even greater responsibility and opportunity.

Trades and Technology

Aircraft Structures Technician certificate Graduates can expect to find employment with major airlines, aircraft manufacturers, large repair and overhaul organizations, field base operators and specialty repair shops. These will generally be located around airports or major city center. They may also be self-employed or work as consultants.
Auto Service Technician certificate Graduates can expect to find employment with automotive dealerships, automotive repair shops, and shops (e.g. exhaust/brakes, transmission/drive train, tune-up).
Carpentry certificate

After successful completion of the program, students will be prepared for employment opportunities in construction-related businesses such as carpentry, building equipment, supplies sales, construction, shipping and delivery, building maintenance, and modular housing construction.

Cook: Professional Cook certificate Graduates find work in a diverse array of settings, including cruise ships, resorts, casinos, hotels, free-standing restaurants, airlines, healthcare facilities, rail services, mining companies, logging companies, forest service (fire camps), catering, fast food, and high-end food markets.
Architectural Drafting certificate About half of drafters are employed by architectural and engineering firms, with most of the remainder in industries such as manufacturing, construction and government.
Electrical Work certificate
Electronics Common Core certificate Electronics technicians help design, develop, test, and manufacture radar, industrial, and medical monitoring or control devices, communication equipment, navigational equipment, and computers. They often also work in product evaluation and testing, using measuring and diagnostic devices to adjust, test, and repair equipment.
Heavy Duty/ Commercial Transport certificate

Graduates of the the Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport program gain employment opportunities in truck shops, heavy equipment shops, logging, mining, oil fields, agriculture industry, equipment industry, or bus and transportation shops.

Joinery certificate Students will be prepared for employment opportunities in construction-related businesses such as interior finishing, trimming, furniture manufacturing, cottage industries, van interior customizing, and cabinet building and installation.
Welding C, B or A certificate Graduates commonly find employment with companies building machinery, structural steel, transportation equipment, farm equipment and a wide variety of specialty metal products. Opportunities also exist in construction and repair work. Given the right combination of training, qualifications and work experience, some graduates move into mnagement positions as well as self employment.
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