Article - No Diploma, No Problem: High Paying Jobs Without A Degree:

No Diploma, No Problem: High Paying Jobs Without A Degree

Author: Marlon Jackson

When it comes to jobs and careers, it's an accepted fact that getting the best jobs means having a college degree. Although getting an education is undoubtedly important, it's not always a requirement to get a quality job. There are a number of factors involved in getting any job, but here are some key things to know about high-paying jobs without a degree.

If you're entering the job market without a degree, there's no reason that you have to be at a disadvantage. Some of the best careers don't require a degree. One reason for this is that many jobs place a high value on work experience. For some jobs, such as management and supervisory positions, it's important to have experience working with others and being able to organize them in an effective way. When you're able to command people well and ensure that your company does its job, that's the most important factor to your employer. Many top positions also place emphasis on on-the-job training.

People who think about the top high-paying jobs often consider 100k jobs as the best careers to have. It is true that many of these positions require an advanced college degree, such as a doctorate or medical degree or an MBA. However, even if you didn't graduate from college with a degree the experience of taking college courses is also desirable to employers. If you have taken some college courses, don't hesitate to mention this to a potential employer.

So if 100k careers aren't out of reach even if you haven't earned a degree, what options do you have? Well, there really are a number of high-paying careers available to you. Air traffic controllers, for example, need only to take a Federal Aviation Administration course and pass a test in order to become eligible for a job. The median wage for this position in 2007 was over 100k! Other positions that also offer high salaries are various managers for industrial and transportation companies as well as sales representatives for technical and scientific companies.

If you're researching high-paying jobs without a degree, there's really only one thing to remember: If you have an interest in something and are willing to work at it you can have a 100k job. While a college degree is certainly a valuable piece of paper, it doesn't erase the importance of being willing to learn and work hard. If you research well and have a positive attitude, you can have a big time job.

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