Article - How to Get Fake College Transcripts:

Getting a fake college transcript or getting a fake college degree is no easy task. It is not only easy to locate companies that offer authentic looking fake degrees and transcripts, it is also difficult to be sure that the provided transcript or degree would pass a close scrutiny or examination. If you would like to collect documents that are falsified or actually look authentic, but aren’t for real, you must make sure that you don’t get fooled with a lousy document that would be identified by even a layman.

The best way to go about it is to start off searching for companies which at least offer a falsified college transcript or a fake college degree. Once you have found a few companies that do specialize in this field, you should first ask them to show you a sample of their work in order to check whether the company can really come up with the goods or not. The thing that remains important is that you analyze the sample closely in order to see how you feel about the transcript or degree. If you feel satisfied with the sample, then you can obviously order a fake college transcript for yourself, but make sure that the company has a fair return policy in case the document doesn’t look as original as the sample looked so that your money isn’t wasted on a poorly drafted transcript.

When it comes to buying fake college transcripts, you would be best off with buying a transcript that is printed on a security paper. The main reason behind this is the fact that most colleges print the student transcripts on security paper and thus, most people would take your falsified transcript to be original as well because of the paper on which it is printed. However, since the security paper is so crucial, it comes for a heavy price as well and any fake college transcript that is printed on a security paper would cost you around $90 or more. This is the price that you would have to pay if you really want to add a solid and authentic looking falsified college transcript.

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