Article - Phony Diplomas for your enjoyment:

Phony diplomas, in my opinion, are only as realistic as their display. Regardless of how much you have spent trying to make your phony diploma look real, if it isn't displayed properly, no one is going to believe a word it states. As someone who has spent nearly a lifetime perfecting the art of phony diploma display, allow me to offer the following suggestions.

Displaying Phony Diplomas:
The best way to display your phony diploma is in a frame. A five dollar phony diploma in a frame will trump a five hundred dollar fake tacked to the wall any day. It's just a matter of professionalism. My first phony diploma was one that I made by hand while still in high school. Looking back on it now, it is quite possibly the worst phony diploma I have ever seen. Regardless, when it was mounted in its frame underneath some track lighting . . . no one doubted it for a second.

In addition to framing it, another thing you can do to make your diploma seem realistic is to hang it someplace obscure. I know this might seem silly, but think about it: if you were a doctor, would you hang your diploma in the center of your living room underneath a big light? Of course not. Why, you would let your intellect speak for itself. The same rule applies to fake diplomas. The more obscure the placement of your diploma, the fewer questions it will invite and the more realistic it will appear.

Take it from me: a good frame coupled with a quality spot for display can make even the flimsiest of phony diplomas look like the real thing. If you would like further tips on how/where to display novelty degrees or if you would like to know where you can purchase a fake university degree online, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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