Article - Social Work Degree Job Options:

Social work involves assisting individuals, children, and families. It covers a wide range of topics. To be an effective social worker, it’s advisable to pursue a degree in social work. A college diploma in social work will prepare you better to help other people with their personal, social, financial, or health issues. In addition, you will learn how to plan, organize, implement, and evaluate programs that will help you become a much more effective social worker.

As a social worker, you will be expected to work with people of various backgrounds and settings. You will encounter women, children, families, and senior citizens. There will also be people with psychological disorders or mental illnesses. Most of your work will take place in government agency offices, hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, drug rehabilitation centers, and the like. A degree in social work can earn you a salary that ranges from $35,000 to $48,000 per annum.

Although social workers generally provide emotional support and counsel to people who need them, they have their own specializations. For instance, social workers in elementary or high schools give advice to pregnant teens, help teachers deal with difficult students, and look for foster homes for students who have abusive parents. Social workers of this type are often called child protective social worker, family services social worker, or child welfare employee.

Social workers in nursing homes and adult care centers are called gerontologists. Gerontology social workers focus on helping older adults deal with the difficulties of adjusting to a new stage of life. If you decide to take up this career path after you have earned your social work diploma, you will often find yourself helping older people apply for social assistance programs such as Medicare. You will also be providing advice and support for the children of these older adults so that they can help their parents adjust to this stage of their lives.

Holders of social work diplomas can also get jobs in the mental health or substance abuse sectors. Also known as clinical social workers, the job requirements are rather unique. If you choose to take this career path, you will most likely be conducting group or individual therapy sessions to help patients develop life skills that will be needed once they are ready to join society. Clinical social workers also help with victims of diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, and others. Other than helping to find the appropriate healthcare services, clinical social workers also have to help prepare the patients and their families to deal with these new challenges. Since the scope of the job is more complex, most clinical social workers are required to go through advanced studies and earn an advanced degree.

While it’s true that everybody can volunteer for some form of social work, a degree in social work will prepare you to offer more specialized help than the ordinary citizen. With more experience and an advanced degree, you can become a social work administrator, bringing your social working abilities to another level.

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