Article - Phony Diploma – For the Widest Variety of Diploma Templates:

Cheap copy paste technique is not how we roll – Phony Diploma has a reputation of providing high quality, bona fide fake diplomas, and we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

During our 9 year experience in the field of phony documents, we have received a wide variety of diploma templates from our clients. We use the diploma templates as a reference to match all the details with extreme care and accuracy. The templates are scrutinized and analyzed closely not to miss any detail or information – our aim is to replicate the diploma template with great precision. 

Even after the client has successfully received his order of fake diploma, we keep building our diploma template database from the samples we receive. This gives our future clients a wide variety of templates to choose from – it makes the selection process faster and easier.

The client can browse through the diploma template database and choose the one that fits their requirements. They can a also suggest any changes that maybe needed in paper color, font, size and any other specification and we ensure to customize the fake diploma as per their order.

In case the client does not find the required template, they can also submit a request on our website to request for a fake diploma template – if we have it available in our database, we’ll send them a sample, price quote and ordering procedure. Or else, the client can scan and send a diploma template and we will assess the design, font and emblem style and reply with a quotation including price and other details.

Regardless of whether the client finds a diploma template from our data base or sends us a scan, we ensure high quality and excellent precision – all our phony documents are made of best quality material and the result is authentic looking fake documents.

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