Article - Biology Degree Career Paths:

A career in biology can be extremely challenging as well as rewarding. As a biologist, one is required to solve problems, gather evidence, and make careful observations of unique specimens and life forms. As an area of study, biology is primarily concerned with the evolution, interaction, characteristics, and physiology of living things.

A biology degree can land a student a job as a researcher for a non-profit organization, a botanist for a pharmaceutical company, a trip leader for outdoor trip organizers, a forest ranger, a teacher, or an urban planner. One can be gainfully employed in theNational Outdoor Leadership School, or even the Peace Corps. With a biology degree in your hand, there will never be a dearth of opportunity.

One of the most popular career paths in biology is to be a cellular biologist, where ones job will be concerned with molecular genetics, immunology, medical microbiology, and food microbiology. Cosmetics industry, animal vaccine supply firms, the dairy industry, and pharmaceutical companies are some of the employers on the lookout for cellular biologists. If one chooses to be a geneticist, the job will include researching genetic diseases, developing new drugs, applying new procedures to improve agriculture, and aiding the police in criminal investigations. To be a geneticist requires a medical degree.

Another interesting career is a forensic scientist. This job deals with law enforcement and criminal investigation. There are several sub-branches in forensic science, and these include wildlife criminology or poaching investigation, forensic pathology, and forensic anthropology.

Presently, some of the most promising new career paths in biology are in the fields of economics, bioinformatics and computational biology, science writing and communication, art illustration, and biotechnology. Moreover, for those interested in pursuing a career in teaching after successful completion of your degree, a teaching certificate from the concerned state may also be required. Although a master’s degree or a bachelor’s degree is proffered, an associate’s degree in biology can get you a few professional positions that are related to biology .

In order to further a career in biology, try to get registered with non-profit organizations, especially ones associated with environmental, geological, and public health matters. Being a member of such organizations will give hands-on experience and offer a chance to interact with executives and managers of companies who are experienced in a specific area of expertise. Another way to unlock opportunities is to participate in internship programs such as the Federal Career Intern Program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or Genentech's Biotechnology Cooperative Action Program.

With a biology certificate, the scope of jobs is immense. It ranges from studying cells under a microscope, new species in the South American rainforest, and deadly viruses that may affect humans, to researching exotic plants in a greenhouse and observing tigers in the jungles of India. Whichever field students choose with a career in biology , their work will augment human knowledge of the natural world. The easiest and fastest way to secure a biology degree is to get a fake diploma or a fake degree.

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