Article - Criminology Degree Job Options:

The career of a criminologist focuses on criminals, the crimes they commit, and the questions of why they committed them. A criminologist takes the time to analyze the criminal, including their behavior, to try and understand what drove their actions. They will also look at where they came from, geographically, to see if there is a pattern of crime found in a certain area. If there is, they will strive to find out why. A criminologist can have many exciting career opportunities after they receive their (degree.) A strong education is a must to succeed in this field, as well as having a genuine desire to study, understand, and help the general public, especially criminals. They will also need the ability to listen well, communicate with others and keep an open mind.

A criminologist will look at the criminal’s background, their family, childhood and school life, and other relevant areas. Their goal is to understand why a criminal committed the crime and what may work best in the way of rehabilitation. Their goal is to work towards keeping the laws of society fair for all, as well as helping criminals in their rehabilitation process so they may return to society as law abiding citizens. They may help organizations and law enforcement in the development of crime-prevention programs.

Criminology has been glamorized by many network television shows, as well as movies, however, not all criminologists will work on the exciting job of profiling a famous celebrity-turned-criminal on the evening news. They normally work in the law enforcement field, they can work in local and federal agencies, helping the police and FBI work with everyday criminal cases. Many work in correctional facilities, whether it is in a state or federal prison with adults, or in the juvenile system, working alongside teenagers. A criminologist profiling a criminal may be called to testify against them when, or if, the trial goes to court. The criminologist will have to take the stand as an expert witness of the accused. There are many other paths that can be chosen after graduating with a degree in criminology from the college of your choice. These include:

· Criminal Investigator

· Youth and Teenager Services

· Teacher

· Research

· Police Officers

· Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Agent

· Psychologist

· Private Investigating

· US Customs

·   Public Defender

·   Security Guard

Graduates with a degree in criminology will be able to start a number of jobs, as well as work within many different settings. This includes working for Homeland Security and the FBI. They can work either on a local scale, or within a state or country-wide organization.

Choosing a career after graduation can be an exciting time. The list is varied and vast, and the jobs can be quite rewarding. Some criminologists also choose to start their own business and work independently: While this may be a bold and shaky step, it is possible to develop a highly-successful independent business in criminology.

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