Article - How do I Get High School Diplomas and Transcripts:



Every year, millions of teenagers receive their high school diplomas at their graduation ceremonies. A diploma is a piece of paper to be proud of, as it states the individual has completed the requirements of the state by graduating high school.


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After graduation, many students will discover their diploma may be needed for certain occasions. For example, your job may require a copy of your high school diploma, or you may need it to get into a college. If a lost diploma is a problem, there is no need to panic. Lost high school records, both transcripts and a diploma, can be easily replaced.

The first logical step is to get a copy from the high school where you graduated. The school you attended will first ask for a copy of the academic transcripts. These help them make sure you did indeed attend their school, including verifying your identity. Transcripts are easier to get and can aid in the delivery of your diploma. Sometimes, you will only need to fill out a request letter to get a copy of your high school diploma. This letter will need to have your full name on it, as well as any maiden name used during your schooling, when you graduated, your date of birth, address and phone number, and your signature. A copy of your high school diploma may require a fee to be paid before you are allowed to receive it, so be prepared.

Unfortunately, there may be a problem with getting a copy of your diploma, especially if it has been quite a while since you graduated. Some schools will only keep records up to a certain time period, such as 7 years, and may not have your diploma on file. Some high schools will be no help in getting your diploma or your transcripts, and this can be very frustrating.

If you cannot get a copy of your diploma from your school, there are ways of getting one online. This can be done by purchasing a fake diploma, which is quite legal, as long as you actually graduated high school. Many people are unaware of the existence of this service, but the truth is, it is available and used very often. A fake diploma will look just like the one you received at graduation, same words, writing, signatures and even realistic looking seals.

Simply search for fake high school diplomas on the Internet, and you will find many such services that can help you immensely. You can fill out an online form to quickly send in and enable you to receive a copy of your diploma. Most companies will want proof of your identity, so you will more than likely be asked to fax or mail in a copy of your ID, such as a driver’s license. There will also be a fee for the service, which is generally a minimal one. You may have to wait up to 8 weeks or so, so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to receive your copy.

Getting a copy of your diploma and your transcripts can be done through most high schools, but if you run into a problem, there are other options. Receiving fake high school diplomas is one easy way to get the information you need, whether it is for a new job or to enroll in college.


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