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Answers - Diploma Questions

I have a scan of a diploma I need replicated. Can you do that?

Yes. Please email your scan (300dpi) to support@docprinters.com

We'll get back to you promptly to let you know what can or can't be done.

What if you don't have my school design available as an "Actual Design Match"?

Call, email or CHAT and we'll let you know whether we have a template for the school you have in mind.  We have hundreds, but not ALL schools available in our database.

If you don't have a template, we'll recommend that you order one of our Regional Designs based on the geographic area in which your school is located.

Will the diploma have "phonydiploma" written anywhere like the website images?

No, it will NOT say "replica" or "phony" on the actual diploma. We put the "PhonyDiploma" graphic on our website images to keep the images from being used by others.

Can you send me your list of your Actual Match templates?

Our extensive database is our proprietary information.  We don't provide a list.  Instead, call, CHAT or email us and we'll confirm whether we have that design in our database.

Will my fake diploma include the actual school emblem or signatures?

Real schools have a copyright on their seals or emblems. Since we can't reproduce them, we create our own realistic match.  We offer any combination of gold embossed emblems, actual State Seals and a fully customized emblem which we customize with the actual school name.

Regarding signatures... we're not forgers here guys! You can choose from our in-house signatures (real names and signatures but not associated with any school) or choose to leave the signature lines blank.

What kind of paper are they printed on?

PhonyDiplomas and PhonyTranscripts are printed on the same high quality paper and printed on the same equipment used to print real diplomas and real transcripts.

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