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Fake USA College or University Diploma - Straight Name / Right Emblem

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Misplaced or damaged your diploma? Or, maybe you never had the chance to earn one but want to fool your friends?

FAKE DIPLOMA from PhonyDiploma.com.

At PhonyDiploma we'll customize this fake USA college and university design with:

- School name
- Your name
- Degree and major of your choice
- Date of graduation

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by on December 8, 2015

Hello Steve, Thank you for your prompt reply to my request. As to my attached proof, it is dated 1985, and is indeed an accurate proof from the period that I require. Although having gotten it from Google images, I can't attest to its accuracy. Ha. However, I DO like your version much better. The raised seal-addition is very impressive, and makes it look more authentic overall...And will be sufficient enough for my purposes. I will certainly be submitting my order soon, as I feel your staff will do a brilliant job! Again, thank you for your prompt and courteous attention. DB

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