Article - High School Drop Out Job Options:

There’s a general misconception that people without a college degree or high school diploma have no job prospects. The popular media tends to reiterate this point constantly, especially as the economy continues to downshift. While a college degree makes finding a better paying job easier, it’s by no means the only option. There are many people working in the world without a college degree or high school diploma. They claim that it’s just a piece of paper and means little in the real world.

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One area where high school graduates work is writing. Writing skills can be acquired by good old-fashioned hard work and that can be obtained without a high school diploma. As more companies shift to online formats, they need workers writing content for the web. There are many people writers working in this field without formal education and finding a lot of success.

The world of work at home jobs are increasingly done by those without a high school education. Travel agents are a great example of this. Travel agents may work at home or in an office setting. They handle requests from clients, answer questions from those clients and make arrangements for their trips. The position doesn’t require an advanced degree, though some do take college courses in the field at a later date. Those with the most success are those who took computer classes in high school as this is a major part of their job.

Those without a high school degree also have the option of working in retail. Cashiers are almost always needed as they have a high turnover rate. These people work with the public on a daily basis, making change and running the registers at nearly every type of store imaginable. They can work full-time or part-time depending on their preference.

Food service is another area open to those without a high school education. High end restaurants usually require some type of training at a culinary institute, but they also look for those with a high level of experience instead of the formal education. Fast food restaurants, diners, cafes and coffee shops are always on the lookout for new employees that are willing to work hard.

Others may prefer working as a home health aide and this may not require a high school diploma. These individuals go into the homes of the sick, elderly or infirmed and care for them on a daily or regular basis. They clean around the house, help the person with their chores and perform more specialized tasks. Those hiring home health aides typically do training sessions to prepare their employees.

Occupational therapy aides and physical therapy aides are other examples of health related fields that don’t require an advanced college degree. These positions offer training for individuals working in the field and most workers start right away. They work with clients and patients, providing the training and support that they need while under the guidance of more experienced workers. There are quite a few jobs open for those without only a high school degree and those who aren’t interested in attending college. These are only a few examples of the many career paths they have open to them.

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