Article - Pharmaceutical Sales Degree:

A degree in pharmaceutical sales is one that is guaranteed to provide jobs for years to come. This field is perhaps one of the largest in the United States, and is always growing. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, you will be able to find many different jobs, as the need for this career will always be there. As long as there are people becoming ill, and drugs need to be dispensed, there will be a need for a pharmaceutical salesperson.


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A pharmaceutical representative will have the job of selling their products to a variety of sources. This includes doctor’s offices, hospitals, and pharmacists, to name a few. There are a few different areas that may be worked on in this field. The first is prescription drug sales. This where the most work is found in this line of business, as it is the most popular. Depending on which drug is to be sold, target customers will usually be specialists in the medical field, as well as family doctors. Pharmaceutical companies are one of the largest industries in the world today, especially in the United States. They need representatives who know their products inside and out, and who can endorse them to a selected target group. A sales representative will focus on promoting newer drugs that have been approved, as the patents on these drugs can run out fast.

Generic drugs are the next product that a pharmaceutical representative will attempt to sell. A generic drug is made to be almost exactly the same as brand name drugs, yet cost much less. There is a big market for these products, especially in pharmacies, which is the sales rep’s biggest target. Many insurance companies will not even pay for a brand name drug if there is an alternative generic brand available. Pharmacies are always in need of generic versions of popular name brand medicines.

A pharmaceutical representative may also sell over-the-counter medicines, usually to family physicians and smaller doctors’ offices. This line of work is not usually as lucrative as the first two.

You do not need any degrees to get a job in this field; however, it will make it a lot easier if you do have one. Most companies hiring representatives will want people to have at least a two-year degree in the business and sales field, or at the very least, an excellent selling record in their background. A potential candidate who has some type of healthcare background may be considered more favorable than someone with none at all. Taking courses related to the career, such as in pharmacology, can also help with getting this job. Above all, a pharmaceutical representative will need to be extremely friendly, easy-going, outgoing, have great communication skills, and have the ability to win people over.

As this career relies on sales, a pharmaceutical salesman may make bonuses on the sales they bring into the company. It can be a lucrative job with many benefits, including health insurance, 401K plans and more. The field of pharmaceuticals is growing by the day, as the public will always have the need of medicines. It is a career that has many benefits and is worth looking into.

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