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International students, find U.S. high-school diploma equivalents for secondary school certificates in your home country.

Argentina Flag Argentina Bachillerato
Australia Flag
Australia: State/Territory  

  ♦ Australian Capital Territory Year 12 Certificate/ACT

  ♦ New South Wales NSW Higher School Cert./Board of Secondary Ed.

  ♦ Northern Territory Sr. Secondary Studies Cert. or Cert. of Achvmnt.

  ♦ Queensland Senior Certificate

  ♦ South Australia Year 12 Certificate of Achievement

  ♦ Tasmania Higher School Certificate

  ♦ Victoria Higher School Certificate/VCE

  ♦ Western Australia Western Australia Cert. of Secondary Education
Bangladesh flag Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate
Belgium Maturity Examination
Belize Belize "O" & "A" Levels
Bolivia flag
Bolivia Bachiller en Humanidades
Brazil flag Brazil Certificado de concluso de 2 Grau
Canada flag Canada: Province  

  ♦ Alberta Advanced High School Diploma

  ♦ British Columbia Secondary School Grad. Diploma (Ministry of Education)

  ♦ Manitoba Statement of Standing, Grade 12

  ♦ New Brunswick Graduating Certificate/Certificate de Fin d'etudes Secondaire

  ♦ Newfoundland Provincial High School Graduate Certificate

  ♦ Northwest Territories Advanced High School Diploma

  ♦ Nova Scotia Provincial High School Graduation Certificate

  ♦ Ontario Ontario Secondary School Honors Grad. Diploma

  ♦ Prince Edward Island Grade 12 Graduation Certificate

  ♦ Quebec Diplome d'etudes secondaire (genaral)

  ♦ Saskatchewan Grade 12
Chile flag Chile Licencia de educacion media
China, People's Republic flag China, People's Republic Sr. High School Grad.
Columbia flag Colombia Bachiller
Costa Rica flag Costa Rica Diploma de Conclusion de estudios de educacion diversificado
Cyprus flag Cyprus Apolyterion or Bitirme Diplomasi
Czech flag Czech Republic Maturity Certificate
Denmark flag Denmark Studentereksamen
Edcuador flag Ecuador Bachillerato en Humanidades
Egypt flag Egypt General Secondary Education Certificate
El Salvador flag El Salvador Bachiller Academico
Ethiopia flag Ethiopia Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate
Finland flag Finland Ylioppilastutkintotodistus/Studentbetyg
France flag France Baccalaureat
Germany flag Germany Reifezeugnis/Abitur
Ghana flag Ghana Advanced Level Exams
Greece flag Greece Apolyterion
Guatemala flag Guatemala Bachiller en ciencias y letras
Hunduras flag Honduras Bachiller en ciencias y letras
Hong Kong flag Hong Kong Advanced Level Exams
Hungary flag Hungary Maturity Certificate
Iceland flag Iceland Studentspróf
India flag India All India Sr. School Cert., Joint Matric. Board Cert.
Indonesia flag Indonesia SMA
Ireland flag Ireland Leaving Certificate
Israel flag Israel Bagrut
Italy flag Italy Maturita
Japan flag Japan Sr. High School Grad.
Kenya flag Kenya East African Advanced Certificate of Education
Korea flag Korea Sr. High School Grad.
Kuwait flag Kuwait General Secondary Education Cert.
(Shahadat Al-Thanawia)
Malaysia flag Malaysia Advanced Level Exams
Mexico flag México Bachillerato
Netherlands flag Netherlands VWO
New Zealand flag New Zealand University Entrance Certificate
Canada flag Nicaragua Diploma de Conclusion de estudios del
ciclo diversificado or Bachiller en (specialization)
Canada flag Nigeria Advanced Level Exams
Canada flag Norway Studiereting for Almenne Fag or Bestatt
Canada flag Pakistan Higher Secondary Certificate
Canada flag Panamá Bachiller en letras, en ciencias, or en letras y ciencias
Canada flag Paraguay Humanistico-Cientifico
Canada flag Péru Certificado de Educacion
Canada flag Philippines 12 Year Secondary School Grad.
Canada flag Poland Matura or Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci
Canada flag Romania Maturity Certificate or Diploma de Maturitate
Canada flag Russian Federation Maturity Cert. or Diplom
Canada flag Saudi Arabia General Secondary Education Cert.
Canada flag Scotland Scottish Certificate of Education
Canada flag Singapore Advanced Level Exams
Canada flag South Africa Sr. Cert., Nat'l. Sr. Cert., Joint Matric. Board Cert.
Canada flag Spain C.O.U. - Corso de Orientacion Universitaria
Canada flag Sri Lanka Advanced Level Exam
Suriname flag Suriname Secondary School Leaving Certificate
Canada flag Sweden Avgangsbetyg from Gymnasiet
Canada flag Taiwan (Rep. of China) Sr. High School Grad.
Canada flag Thailand Matayom VI
Canada flag Turkey Secondary School Certificate
Canada flag United Arab Emirates Secondary School Certificate
Canada flag United Kingdom Advanced Level Exams
Canada flag Venezuela Bachiller
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