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Fake New York College Diploma and Transcripts

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 New York Fake College Diploma and Transcripts State Match Design

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  • Very Realistic - Looks and feels like a REAL college or university diploma and transcripts, 
  • Individually Customized - With details you provide,
  • Choice of Emblems - Embossed gold, raised "puffy ink" gold, full color state seals,
  • Discrete - No printing that says "fake"and nothing embarrassing on credit card statement or packaging,
  • Quick Shipping - You select how quickly you receive. Next Day Air to Ground shipping.


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by on June 6, 2013

GREAT! Leaving the office but ill place this order tonight when I get the kids in bed. Do you have any other suggestions for me. Want thus perfect the diploma for my office and the transcript needs to be in point. You guys are truly the best. Thanks so much

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by on December 27, 2012

I appreciate your hard work and promise fulfillment. You have recreated something that I thought was lost forever. I really appreciate your work. Since high school, I also completed college. Not having a tangible diploma, (the original was destroyed in a fire) bothered me. Having this one in hand will be a reminder of how it felt earning it 20 years ago. I really appreciate you!

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Complete Order Form with your School name and student info and click "Add to Cart" at bottom of page.

School Name AND GRADUATION DATE (as you want it printed):  
School City and State, or Country:  
Graduates Name (as you want printed):  
Date of Graduation:  

Degree and Major. Include both the degree and the major. For example, Bachelor of Arts (degree) in Biology (major) - Order will be put on hold if missing information so we can collect it from you.
Degree AND Major:  
College Seal Choice #1:

College Seal Choice #2:

Diploma Paper Color:


Email Proof Option: Diploma only. Your chance to confirm design or make text changes before we print and ship. To order a Transcript Proof, please add Custom Classes option.
Review before printing. Emailed within 2 business days. CALL if you don't receive. If you don't reply with changes or approval within 4 business days we will ship as per the proof.

Diploma Padded Folder says "Diploma of Graduation":

Additional Copies:


Transcript Section
Fake transcripts use our "house design" custom layout with actual school name and can include school logo and watermark and embossed stamps, signatures and holograms for the ultimate in realism. Please fill out the necessary transcript fields below.
School Address (Street, City, Zip):  
Date Transcripts Issued:  
Student ID Number (optional or SSN):  
Your Date of Birth:  
Email Digital Copy on Shipping Day:

Notes and Special Instructions (optional):  
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