Article - Colleges in Idaho that have closed, merged, or changed their names

College Name    City    State    Start Date    End Date    Affiliation    Other Information    Source
Boise Junior College    Boise    Idaho    1932    
    Episcopalian    The Episcopal Church discontinued its sponsorship in 1934 and the college became a nonprofit, private corporation, sponsored by the Boise Chamber of Commerce and by the community. In 1939, the State Legislature created a junior-college taxing district to fund the college through local property taxes. By the end of the 1930s, Boise Junior College boasted an enrollment of 600 students. Originally located at St. Margaret’s Hall, near the present site of St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center, the college was moved in 1940 to its present location alongside the Boise River. In 1965, Boise Junior College became a four-year institution and was renamed Boise College. In 1969, the college was
brought into the state system of higher education as Boise State College. The Graduate College was established in 1971 and in 1974 the institution was renamed Boise State University.    http://www.boisestate.edu
College of Idaho    Caldwell    Idaho    1891    
    Presbyterian    name changed to Albertson's College of Idaho in 1991; reverted to College of Idaho in 2007    http://www.collegeofidaho.edu/
College of Saint Gertrude    Cottonwood    Idaho    
    also operated as Idaho Junior College of St. Gertrude    http://www.crl.edu/content.asp?l1=5&l2=22&l3=39&top=10
Schier and Russett.  Catholic Women's Colleges in America. 2002.
College of Western Idaho    Boise    Idaho    2009    
    state supported    new institution, starting January 1st; will absorb the Larry Selland College of Applied Technology of Boise State University for Fall 2009    http://www.cwidaho.cc/
Farragut College    Farragut Village    Idaho    1946    1949    
    opened on former Farragut Naval Training Center after WWII    www.pbs.org/idahoportrait/tour/oreilletour.html
Derrick, Philip Martin.  The Veteran's University: A History of Farragut College
 and Technical Institute, 1946-1949.  Ph.D. dissertation. 1992.
Gem State College    Mountain Home    Idaho    
Gooding College    Gooding    Idaho    1911    1938    Methodist    
Idaho Holiness College    Nampa    Idaho    1913    
    name change to Northwest Nazarene College in 1917 and to Northwest Nazarene University in 1999    Brenner, Morgan G.  The Encyclopedia of College & University Name Histories. 2003.
Magic Valley Christian College    Albion    Idaho    1957    1969    
    George W. Dehoff was president from 1957-1964; moved to Baker, Oregon; records held by Cascade College    www.cascade.edu
Northern Idaho College of Education    Lewiston    Idaho    1893    
    state supported    founded as Lewiston State Normal School; name change to Northern Idaho College of Education in 1947; to Lewis-Clark Normal School in 1955; to Lewis-Clark State College in 1971    Brenner, Morgan G.  The Encyclopedia of College & University Name Histories.  2003.
Ricks College    Rexburg    Idaho    1888    
    founded as Bannock Stake Academy; name changed to Ricks Academy in 1903 and to Ricks College in 1936; name changed to Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2000    www.byui.edu/pr/general/byuhistory.htm
Southern Idaho College of Education    Albion    Idaho    



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