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Our Australia fake secondary school diplomas, fake college diplomas and fake university diplomas are based on the original diploma design.  See "Available University Designs" from the menu below.

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If the school you are interested in is NOT LISTED
, we suggest you select one of the designs we have available and we will customize that design with your choice of school name, your name, graduation date, realistic signatures and the actual logo printed in full color ink (we'll do an online search for the best choice.)

Click here to see more photographs of fake diploma from Australian universities and colleges.

Click Here to submit a Fake Diploma Request Form to be emailed a free sample of a fake diploma from a college or university in Australia.

School Name (if not selected from list):  
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College within your school (optional):  

Degree and Major. Include both the degree and the major. For example, Bachelor of Arts (degree) in Biology (major)
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  • Review- See artwork before it prints. Check email (don't forget BULK folder!) in 2-4 business days. Minor changes OK.
  • Digital Version- PDF final version with logos, seals, holograms and color paper. Changes now require redesign fee.
    Final version to show off!
  • Diploma Padded Folder says "Diploma of Graduation":
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    Notes and Special Instructions (optional):  
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    Mr. Steve, Thanks for your service & glad to let you know that I have received the package. Thanks again Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®
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    Hi Thank you so much, i am in receipt of Master Degree from Curtin University( order 129XXX) and have now sent my second order. I have opted for Signature chosen by you so just want to make sure that Signatures used in Curtin are not the ones to be used on this degree as well and is it possible to use signature in other inks like blue maybe to make it more realistic. Please advise. regards
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    Very good.
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    Excellent customer service & really quick turnaround from ordering product, would definitely recommend this site.
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