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2. How Does This Work?


How does this work?
To make fake diplomas and fake transcripts, we customize the real schools design with your name, the name of the school, graduation date, degree and major and other details.

If we don’t have your school’s design in our extensive database, we customize one of our "State Design" with your info.

Actual Match Designs match the real school's design, text and other elements from our extensive database of real school templates. The design you see on the order form page is just a general sample, not the actual design you'll receive. We'll customize that school real design with the specific info you provide on your order form.

State or Regional Designs are style we've designed based on real diploma designs for the same state and region your school-of-interest is in. The design you see on the order page is the design that we'll customize with the specific info you provide on your order form.

Will it say "Phony Diploma"?
No. Nothing on your fake diploma, fake transcripts, the outside of the UPS package or your credit card statement will have anything like "fake" or "phony" written on it. Note that only our website samples show our watermark so they can't be ripped off by competitors.

Will my fake diploma look real?
Our diplomas and transcripts look very realistic. If you just need to show to someone, it’s a great problem solver. We use the same kind of paper and printing process to print our fake diplomas. And, we offer a wide range of fake diploma seals and emblems.

What about fake diploma signatures?
Regarding signatures... we're not forgers here guys! You can choose from our in-house signatures (real names and signatures but not associated with any school) or choose to leave the signature lines blank.

How do I order my fake diploma or fake transcripts?
1. Click on photos of the type of diploma you want until you come to an order page.
2. Complete the order form from the link provided
3. Click GREEN BUTTON "Add to Cart"
4. Enter Contact Info, Ship To, select shipping and payment
5. Click BOX lower left - "Agree to This Site Terms"
6. Click GREEN BUTTON lower left - "Place Order"

Are fake diplomas illegal?
We make fake diplomas and fake transcripts for novelty use only. If you intend to use them in any other way you could be stepping over legal boundaries.

We NEVER use copy written seals or emblems owned by actual schools -- even though our design may look similar.

We NEVER forge any real person's name -- we use a selection of in-house names that look like real signatures.

We NEVER make fake diplomas representing nursing, medical, mental-health, dental, legal, law enforcement, aviation, military or government certification or public safety professions.

We NEVER make fake diplomas that might be used to circumvent the security of our country.

I've emailed you but haven't heard back.
Check your junk mail! We always respond quickly to email inquiries and make it our goal to provide the excellent customer service.

It’s very important that you add our addresses to your address book or our emails may possibly go to your Junk/Spam folder.


Do you offer verification service?
If the viewer requires “verification” directly from the school... that's something we can't help you with. What you do with the document is up to you.

Don't be fooled by websites that suggest they can "verify" a fake diploma or even a "life experience" diploma. If you'll review their offer closely, you'll see that a third-party "verifies" their documents, not the real school.