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Answers - Fraud Policy

Phonydiploma.com is a hard working company and we treat our customers very fairly, and honestly.  We understand that the vast majority of people are honest when it comes to financial transactions, so there exists an almost insurmountable likelihood that following information does not apply to you. Those of you with other intentions, the following standard Dispute and Fraud Policy applies:


Orders that look suspicious or have more than 1 different name on the order, or have two different addresses on the order can be cancelled iimmediatly. This is more for orders with a US billing address and a foreign shipping address. We have the right to cancel any orer at any time. Such orders will be required to be paid by money order or western Union. Orders form Singapore or Malaysia will be cancelled immediately due to the rise of fraudulent card use.


Note:  Trying to deny a valid charge through your bank or credit card company is also a fraudulent act and is illegal.


We have a customer service department for a reason!  When issues arise with regards to a product we have sold, our customers can contact us via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or by phone during office hours, during the entire year, and we will do all that is humanly possible to either correct the situation or when justified, to issue a partial credit. We feel our Customer Service Department has done a tremendous job of taking care of our customer's needs. 

Due to the customized nature of the product we sell, we do not offer a standard money back guarantee. If we make a spelling or other production error on your document, we will gladly correct it for you at our expense.  We will also replace any damaged or defective item immediately. At the end of the day, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase!

Unfortunately, it has been our experience in the past that some people have made attempts to return their documents after copying them.  Thus, we cannot issue refunds or credits unless the order is cancelled before it is mailed. Phonydiploma.com offers customized printing services, so in light of this, returned documents will be of no use to anyone other than the party who ordered it.

IF YOU TRY TO DISPUTE or DENY a valid charge, you will be sent an invoice for the disputed amount by e-mail and certified mail. Copies will also be sent to your bank and credit card company.


The invoice will include the following information:



The Original charge amount plus a $29 fee for dispute processing



The name of the site you purchased products from



Your IP address from which you ordered



Access logs detailing when you accessed the site in question and what ISP you used to do so.



The date, time and products that were ordered which include examples of any files and/or pictures of any information you accessed from our site



If this invoice is not paid within 15 days, your file will be forwarded to one of several collection agencies that we work with globally or a higher authority to investigate the matter. .


Again, if you have any concerns about your purchase we encourage you to contact one of our Customer Service Representatives at any time.

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