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Fake High School Diplomas

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Only YOU will know it's a fake high school diploma or fake high school transcript. Choose from NINE different realistic Stock designs that look, read and feel just like those from a real school! ACTUAL STATE EMBLEMS in raised “puffy” gold ink, fully embossed gold foil or full color ink. Choice of paper color and size. FAST SHIPPING! and always the best service around!

Fake College & University Diplomas

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For fake college and university diplomas and fake transcripts are ACTUAL MATCHES of the original school design. If we don't have your school in our database we have several stock designs which can be customized with almost any school name. EMBOSSED and RAISED GOLD EMBLEMS, color logos, and holograms! Review "proof" and final version emails available. We've been at it for 15 years so we know what we are doing!

Fake Diplomas From Your Scan

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From $250, email us a scan of an original. We'll recreate the graphics with your text changes. NOT cheap "cut and paste" - fully recreated. Prompt price quotes for all levels of complexity.

Fake Certificates

From $250, they look and feel just like those from a real school! Different paper colors and sizes too.

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We offer an extensive database of “actual match” diplomas and transcripts as the foundation of your design. If we don’t have the exact design, we have general designs that can be customized with almost any school name.

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