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  • Proof is a black and white screen shot of the diploma during the design phase so you can confirm spelling, layout and requests minor changes.
  • Scan is an email of the finished document with seals, signatures and paper color.

Diploma Padded Folder says "Diploma of Graduation":
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Customer Reviews

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I want it as soon as you can
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I actually decided to go ahead and create a new order and pay for it online. I've already been talking to Grayson about it. Very professional! Thanks,
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do u have ship to Tunisia?
Was this review helpful?

Bloody hell - it's on the way already! Thanks for the super service Steve. Cheers Paul
Was this review helpful?

Good afternoon Steve! Very impressed with your swift and detailed reply, and have therefore gone ahead and placed my order. Please make it as perfect as possible - it's a gift for my wife! Looking forward to seeing the end product. If it's as good as i think it will be, you could have more (Korean) customers from me in the future! All the best, Mark
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