Phony USA Diplomas Match REAL Designs

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"Actual Match" diploma based on original school design

  • Realistic look and feel
  • Customized with your details
  • Best match - emblems and logos
  • Best match - paper color and size
  • $225
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School Name (as you want it printed):  
School City and State:  
College within your school (optional):  
Date of Graduation:  
Graduates Name (as you want printed):  

Degree and Major. Include both the degree and the major. For example, Bachelor of Arts (degree) in Biology (major)
Degree AND Major:  
Diploma Paper Color:
Eggshell Cream Aged

Proof | Scan | Email only Explaination
  • Proof is a full-size black and white screen shot of the design so you can confirm spelling, layout and request minor changes. The proof will not have seals, emblems or holograms -- these are added after printing. Look for the email 2-3 business days after you order (be sure to check your junk mail folder!) Email back approval to print or request changes within 5 business days. If we don't hear from you we'll print and ship our proof-version. Any further changes will require a reprint fee.
  • Scan is an email of the finished printed document complete with color logos, seals, holograms, signatures and paper color. No changes can be made without a reprint fee. This is the version you can show or email to others.
  • Email Only is a great choice if you don't need a hard copy.
Diploma Padded Folder says "Diploma of Graduation":
Padded Folder + $25 No Thanks
Notes and Special Instructions (optional):  
Your Price $225.00

Customer Reviews

Average Rating

basically whatever you think looks the best out of the versions you have- I am placing my trust in you:) Thank you for the speedy turnaround. and customer service!
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"Thanks Steve, you're the best"
Was this review helpful?

Thanks Steve, you da man! how long does it take ro receive after ordering? Mark
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Tyler: Hi Audrey my name is Tyler and you did my diploma for **** **** and I just wanted to tell you personally that you were a huge help and it's looks amazing! Tyler : Thankyou so much and your customer service was great! :) Audrey: ^_^ That's so great to hear!! Thanks!! Tyler : Your welcome it's perfect! I would definitely rely on you again and also recommend anyone! :) Tyler : Have a great day Audrey and thankyou again!!
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Good support, timing and quality: You get what you pay for!
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