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A reprint is a copy of the original design.  The price doesn't include any added cost for re-design or making text changes.

If you wish changes, please email us the extent of the changes and we will provide a custom design cost.

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Review before printing. Emailed within 2 business days. CALL if you don't receive. If you don't reply with changes or approval within 4 business days we will ship as per the proof.
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The best there is HANDS DOWN. Honest company that does great work. You can pay with your credit/debit card, so no Western Unions or Money Orders sent to foreign countries. They are in the US and their customer service is VERY responsive.
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I would like to get 5 copies of transcript and I'm done with customized. Last order was fantastic!!! do you still have my copy?? i attach a image of last order which is you sent to me and customized file.
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Excellent. Thanks for your time and assistance and I look forward to receiving the finished product
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Awesome ! ST
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Excellent product on the market. Best service. I would definitely recommend this company to others.
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