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Copy of High School Diploma

Maybe you have lost your actual diploma?  Or misplaced it?  Maybe it was stolen or destroyed in a fire?  What to do now?

Here at we offer "replacement" diplomas that look and feel realistic.  Even though they might not match the original design, they can still look and feel just like a real diploma. 

We have thousands of “Actual Match” diploma designs based on original school layouts, wording, emblems and seals. Or, if you have a copy of a document, we can reproduce from a scan you provide.


If neither of us have an original diploma design, we have specially-designed fake diploma templates available for all states, provinces and countries.

We use top quality diploma parchment paper customized with your name, degree, major and date of graduation.

Our emblems can be “puffy” three-dimensional ink, flat full color ink and even fully embossed stamps.

Our fake transcripts are printed on real security paper and you can select your GPA and either use courses we suggest or courses that you provide.

We’re happy to email you a free sample of your school’s diploma design – before you place an order – with information about pricing, shipping, our guarantee and a link to the proper order page.

You’ll see for yourself that Phonydiploma offers the internet’s best combination of quality, price, speed and customer service of any fake diplomas website on the internet.

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Having Fun With Your Fake High School Diploma

I have more than fifty fake high school diplomas, each one supposedly rendered from high schools all over the country. The reason I love my fake high school diploma collection so much is because each one is extremely realistic. Carefully crafted and printed on professional paper, my high school diploma collection can fool even the most trained eyes.

My favorite thing to do with my school diplomas is to display a different one every day. Sometimes the high school diploma hanging in my office is from Atlanta, sometimes it's from New York, and other times it's from Mississippi. Although most of my friends and co-workers are in on the gag, there are still a few who haven't quite caught on. It is always funny to see the look on someone's face when they glance at my fake high school diploma and realize that it is different from the day before.

These diplomas are easy to find online and are relatively inexpensive. When purchasing your fake diploma, just make sure that your name is spelled correctly, and that the correct graduation date is printed on the top. In the meanwhile, if you have questions about fake high school diplomas or would like to know where you can find one, please don't hesitate to ask!

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