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Our Canada fake secondary school diplomas, fake college diplomas and fake university diplomas are based on the original diploma design.  See "Available University Designs" from the menu below.

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If the school you are interested in is NOT LISTED
, we suggest you select one of the designs we have available and we will customize that design with your choice of school name, your name, graduation date, realistic signatures and the actual logo printed in full color ink (we'll do an online search for the best choice.

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  • Proof is a black and white screen shot of the diploma during the design phase so you can confirm spelling, layout and requests minor changes. PROOF EMAILED FROM SUPERVISOR@DOCUMENTPRINTINGSERVICES.COM --CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOLDER. You must reply to your proof within 5 BUSINESS DAYS or your package will be shipped as shown on the proof and no further changes will be available without a reprint fee.
  • Scan is an email of the FINISHED document with seals, signatures and paper color.
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Steve: Let me send another email receipt. Steve: Just sent Edlira: ok thanks Edlira: let me check Edlira: yes its here Edlira: Thanks a lot for you help Steve: Great. We're all set then. Steve: Thank you for chatting. I'm happy to answer questions anytime. Goodbye. Edlira: very very helpfull Edlira: bye
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Thank u Steve. I'll be waiting for the replacement. Your work is pretty good so I should be making a second order within the month. Peter
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These are so cool!
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