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Our Netherlands fake secondary school diplomas, fake college diplomas and fake university degrees are based on an original diploma design and printed in Dutch from text you provide.  See "Available University Designs" from the menu below.


$400 includes FREE pre-print PROOF to ensure text is as you wish.

After you place your order, we'll email you a full size document.  You’ll be able to read all the text and provide us with the translated text you wish.  1-2 days later the designer will email you a “proof” and request changes or approval.  Once you approve, we’ll print, package and ship.

If the school you are interested in is NOT LISTED
, we suggest you select one of the designs we have available and we will customize that design with your choice of school name, your name, graduation date, realistic signatures and the actual logo printed in full color ink (we'll do an online search for the best choice.)

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by on June 17, 2014

Rodney: Hi Steve chasing status od my order Steve: I think they'll be emailed tonight Rodney: That's great news even with PDF I can start how long does cooiered take to Perth austraila Steve: Usually 4-5 business days Rodney: Ok thanks for your help have a good day and thanks for the profression service Steve: Thank you for chatting. I'm happy to answer questions anytime. Goodbye.

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by on April 7, 2014

Hi Steve, I have received my order today, it looks perfect specially the transcript. I would like to get another certificate a more unique, without the transcript with the same informations on my previous order but with some changes in design.

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