Fake USA or International High School Diplomas

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High School Fake Diploma
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Design Choices
There is no "right" or "wrong" design -- we're not trying to match an original, just get you a one that looks and feels real.  If you have an original you want to match, CLICK HERE.

Paper Colors
We suggest White Parchment for the 2000-1990s, Natural Parchment for the 1990-1980s and Aged Parchment for 1970s and earlier.

Seal Choices
Our FREE embossed gold sticker says "Seal of the High School."  Official State Seal is printed in gold "puffy" ink. If you have the actual school logo email it to us and we'll print it in full color ink.
Complete Order Form and click "Add to Cart" at bottom of page.

Design Choices
Style 1 Style 2 Style 3
Style 4 Style 5 Style 6
Style 7 Style 8 Style 9
School (Full) Name:  
School City and State, or Country:  
Graduates Name (as you want printed):  
Date of Graduation:  
Diploma Paper Color:
Eggshell Cream Aged
Seal Choices:
"Seal of the High School" Flat Ink State Seal + $10 State Emblem Raised Gold + $35
Diploma Padded Folder says "Diploma of Graduation":
Padded Folder + $25 No Thanks

You can see your document as a "work-in-process" or as the final printed document emailed on the same day we ship.
is BEFORE printing -- a black and white version of the working file. Not for showing to others but to confirm spelling and layout. Emailed within 2 business days. CALL if you don't receive. If you don't reply with changes or approval within 4 business days we will ship as per the proof.
Final Email Scan is AFTER printing and application of emblems. You can show this version to others as it is a copy of the final product.
Notes and Special Instructions (optional):  
Price review, shipping options and payment on following pages.
Your Price $79.00

Customer Reviews

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At first i thought is was important to match the oringinel that i earned. But no one knows what it was supposed to look like -- which worked to my favor.
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thank you! have a blessed day!
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Hi Grayson, It looks perfect! Except, i think the bottom was cutoff, will there be the superintendent and other relevant signatures at the bottom? If so, please finish, gold seal, and ship it my friend! Nice! Excellent work! I will write an awesome review.
Was this review helpful?

When I got this I could almost cry it was so what I wanted it to be.
Was this review helpful?

Thanks for the great work
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