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Fake diplomas and fake transcripts from all over the world are great novelty items that can be used for a variety of purposes. Frame and hang your Phony Diploma in your home or office wall or show it to your friends and family.  Our diplomas are especially popular among teenagers and young adults, who wish to give their friends a meaningful and memorable gift on birthdays or other special occasions.

We offer a wide selection of international fake diplomas and fake degrees for you to choose from. These fake college diplomas and fake university diplomas represent different colleges and universities learning institutions around the world.

Being a well-respected and honest diploma printer and duplication company, we are capable of duplicating certificates from the most popular academic institutions in the world.  You can select from hundreds of real school diploma designs that we maintain in our extensive database.  Or, you can email us a copy of a diploma, degree, certificate or transcript that you want to duplicate.

International fake diplomas from good fake certificate makers look very authentic and most people will not know that they are duplicates. The logos, printed words, and seals look almost exactly the same as the originals, and we use a high quality paper to ensure durability.

Our prices are very competitive. Other than diplomas, we also offer fake certificates, fake degrees, fake academic transcripts, and more.

It is possible to find duplicates of diplomas from institutions in almost any country in the world. The more popular choices include diplomas from schools such as: the UK, Canada, China, India, Australia, France, Germany and Mexico. International delivery is available for those who live outside the US.

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